[Event "GotM #33"] [Site "Buenos Aires"] [Date "1970.??.??"] [Round "?"] [White "Fischer, Robert James"] [Black "Schweber, Samuel"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "C19"] [Annotator "Connaughton, Ken"] [PlyCount "94"] [EventDate "1970.??.??"] [EventCountry "ARG"] {[%evp 0,94,22,45,46,35,72,22,43,20,45,36,27,27,76,56,70,51,34,54,29,45,47,17, 63,42,44,14,64,63,93,69,107,110,129,98,113,76,78,105,137,81,81,22,22,40,40, -269,-263,75,116,116,95,103,114,114,114,109,181,109,141,92,108,105,102,108,112, 110,110,120,106,113,117,117,111,107,116,118,115,118,123,133,138,144,138,137, 188,138,142,162,162,198,184,231,231,250,251]} 1. e4 {Fischer rarely strayed from 1.e4 (best by test)} e6 {French Defense} 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 {Paulsen Variation} Bb4 {Winawer Variation} 4. e5 {Advance Variation} c5 5. a3 Bxc3+ 6. bxc3 Qc7 7. Nf3 Nc6 8. Be2 Bd7 9. O-O Nge7 {[#] Typical set-up for this opening.} 10. a4 {[%CAl Rc1a3,Ra3f8,Ra3c5] White wants to activate his dark square Bishop to good effect.} Na5 {[%CAl Ya5c4] Black likes c4, a good place for his Knight.} 11. Re1 cxd4 12. cxd4 Nc4 {Achieving the outpost on the now open c-file.} 13. Bd3 h6 14. Nd2 {[#] White wants to eliminate the troublesome Black Knight.} Nxd2 15. Bxd2 Nc6 16. Qg4 {A familiar sortie in this opening.} g6 17. Re3 {Rook lift further signals White's intention to invade the Kingside. } O-O-O {[#] Black responds by sweeping his King away to the Queenside.} 18. Rg3 Kb8 {Black wants to get his King still further from the center.} 19. Rf3 { Is White playing waiting moves?} f5 {[%CAl Rg6g5,Rh6h5] If Black can get his Kingside rolling forward, not only will he take away White's activity but the White King will soon be in peril.} 20. exf6 {Forced but now Black's center is mobile.} e5 {[%CAl Rd7g4]} (20... g5 {was another idea.}) 21. Qg3 Nxd4 { Black has a great Knight and his prospects look good.} (21... e4 $4 {would be disastrous:} 22. Bf4 Qxf4 23. Rxf4 exd3 24. f7 Ka8 25. Qxg6 dxc2 26. Qxc2 $18) 22. Re3 e4 {Black has won the battle for space and White must find an inferior square for his embattled Bishop.} (22... Nc6 {looks a lot less fun for Black but poses more problems for White than the text move,} 23. Bxg6 Rhf8 24. Rxe5 Rxf6 25. Re3 Rdf8 26. Qxc7+ Kxc7 27. Rg3 h5 28. Bxh5 Rxf2 29. Bh6 R8f6 $18) 23. Rxe4 $3 {[#] White exposes the one little flaw of 22...e4. The Rook can't be taken or the Queen will fall and the pawn advance has left the Knight hanging.} Qxg3 {Black must exchange Queens but given the Black Queen's complete lack of an exit strategy, White has time to profit with the in between move.} 24. Rxd4 {Saving his Rook, claiming the Knight and the Black Queen still has no escape.} Qg4 {This does help Black win the exchange but in a few moves when the melee is over, White has the best of the entire fraca:} (24... Qxd3 {is another way to simplify but Black still has major problems} 25. Rxd3 Bf5 26. Bf4+ Ka8 27. Rc3 g5 28. Be5 Rhf8 $18) 25. Rxg4 Bxg4 26. Bxg6 Rhg8 27. Bh7 Rh8 28. Bd3 Rde8 29. f7 Re7 (29... Ref8 {Only gets the Black Rooks in big trouble with the White Bishops.} 30. Bg6 Kc7 31. Bc3 Be6 32. f4 Bd7 33. Re1 Bxa4 34. Bxh8 Rxh8 35. Re8 Rxe8 36. fxe8=Q Bxe8 37. Bxe8 $18) 30. f8=Q+ Rxf8 31. Bb4 {[#] And the advanced pawn has helped White win back the exchange with advantage.} Rff7 32. Bxe7 Rxe7 {[%csl Gf2,Gg2,Gh2] White's Kingside majority, skilfully marshalled will now win the game for White.} 33. f3 Bd7 34. a5 Kc7 35. Kf2 Rf7 36. Ke3 Kd6 37. g3 Kc5 38. f4 Bg4 39. Rb1 Re7+ 40. Kd2 b6 41. axb6 axb6 42. h3 Bd7 {[#]} ({ Black didn't take with} 42... Bxh3 {because of} 43. Rh1 Bg4 44. Rxh6 $18) 43. g4 d4 44. f5 Re3 45. f6 Rf3 46. Rf1 {When the Rooks go the end will be nigh.} Rxf1 47. Bxf1 Be6 {[%CAl Gh3h4,Gg4g5,Gf6f7] [#] Black resigns, there is no way to stem the tide on the Kingside.} 1-0
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