[Event "4NCL"] [Site "?"] [Date "2009.01.17"] [Round "?"] [White "Gregory, Keith"] [Black "Harakis, Alexis"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [ECO "A09"] [Annotator "Martin"] [SetUp "1"] [FEN "5B2/8/5b2/4k3/3ppp2/8/2B1K3/8 w - - 0 59"] [PlyCount "47"] [EventDate "2021.02.07"] {[#]} {We pick the position up on Keith's 59th move! It is clear only Black can play for the win but Keith has been defending resolutely throughout. Keith now plays} 59. Bb4 ({Interestingly} 59. Bd6+ $1 Kxd6 (59... Kf5 60. Bxf4 $1 { looks the simplest way to the draw as after} Kxf4 61. Bb1 {Keith can move his bishop from b1 to c2 and back again.}) 60. Bxe4 {is a draw}) 59... f3+ 60. Kf1 d3 61. Bd1 Kf4 62. Bd2+ e3 63. Bc1 Ke4 64. Bxe3 $1 {An excellent move, in fact it's Keith's only move as the rest all lose but the opposite bishop endgame is completely drawn.} Kxe3 {Without an e database, chess engines assess this position as +2 for Black or more. What do they know!} 65. Ba4 Bd4 66. Bd1 f2 67. Bb3 Kd2 68. Ba4 Kc1 69. Bb3 Kb2 {Keith has just enough squares for his bishop.} 70. Ba4 Kc3 71. Bd1 Kb4 {Black's attempts to deprive Keith of the b3 and a4 squares are futile, Keith now goes the other way! Black continues to play nuances but Keith is up to the challenge and the game was drawn 11 moves later. Well played Keith, wish we could all showthesameresilience!} 72. Bg4 Be3 73. Bd1 Ka3 74. Bg4 d2 75. Bd1 Kb4 76. Ke2 Bd4 77. Bc2 Kc3 78. Ba4 Kb2 79. Bd1 Be3 80. Ba4 Kc1 81. Bb3 Bd4 82. Ba4 1/2-1/2