[Event "?"] [Site "?"] [Date "2020.02.28"] [Round "?"] [White "White to move"] [Black "?"] [Result "*"] [Annotator "peter"] [SetUp "1"] [FEN "3rk2r/pbp3b1/1pn4p/4qPp1/P1B2N2/BQ2n3/1P4PP/R2R1RK1 w k - 0 1"] [PlyCount "1"] [SourceVersionDate "2020.02.28"] {} {1) White's best move is Bf7 mate! 2) White can make a pin in 3 ways 3) White has a knight fork 4) White doesn't have an en passant capture. fxg6 may look like an en passant capture but the black pawn would have had to move from g7 and that is occupied by a bishop 5) If it was black to move we would not be able to castle as a) he would end up in check on g8 and b) he would have passed through check on f8, neither of which is allowed. (Look at the white bishops!) 6) The position is strange because white has 3 rooks. But it is legal as white could have promoted a pawn to a rook.} 1. Bf7# (1. Bb5 {Pin}) ( 1. Rde1 {Pin}) (1. Rfe1 {Pin}) (1. Ng6 {Forking the queen and rook}) *