[Event "Meltwater Tour Final 2021"] [White "Carlsen,Magnus"] [Black "Artemiev,Vladislav"] [Site "chess24.com INT"] [Round "4.2"] [Annotator ""] [Result "0-1"] [Date "2021.09.28"] [WhiteElo "2855"] [BlackElo "2699"] [PlyCount "99"] 1. e4 c5 {The Sicilian Defense} 2. Nf3 e6 3. b3 {This move becoming fashionable in high level tournaments such as the Meltwater Tour Event.} a6 { The Kan variation: one of my favorite setup for black.} 4. Bb2 Nc6 5. d4 cxd4 6. Nxd4 Qf6 {Standard move is Qc7. The move 6...Qf6 is new in my opinion but serves merit due to black's intention to defend g7 square and checking on diagonal a1 to h8.} 7. Be2 Bc5 {This is becoming comfortable for black. White is defending suddenly.} 8. c3 {Now, this move has its liability, it blocks the bishop at b2.} e5 9. Nf3 {Simply a change of position, black is slowly taking the initiative here as white is on defensive mode.} Nge7 10. 0-0 0-0 11. b4 Ba7 {GM Artemiev seems successful on his choice of move 6...Qf6, you can sense this on GM Carlsen's piece movements partiallly delayed.} 12. a4 Ng6 13. Bc1 { Since c3 pawn is blocking the bishop, it has to find way to be useful.} h6 14. Na3 Rd8 {Aiming to push the pawn at d7 to d5.} 15. Be3 d5 16. exd5 e4 {This is becoming messy, black is dictating the tempo and increases pressure.} 17. Nd2 Rxd5 {This is a Home Preparation by GM Artemiev obviously too comfortable for black.} 18. b5 Bxe3 19. fxe3 Qxc3 20. Nac4 Nce5 21. Nxe4 Rxd1 22. Nxc3 Rxa1 23. Rxa1 Nxc4 24. Bxc4 Ne5 25. Bd5 axb5 26. Nxb5 Ra6 27. Rc1 Bd7 28. Bb3 {We reached an endgame position: Lets analyze: 1. white's e3 pawn is weak. 2. Same colour of bishop. 3. same count of pawns but 3 pawn island for white is a disadvantage.} Be6 {This move deserves attention. I am looking at black's Nc7 move. How this move 28...Be6 changed the outcome of the position.} 29. Nc7 Bxb3 30. Nxa6 bxa6 {Yes, its two piece versus rook. Black is favourable here.} 31. Rc8+ Kh7 32. a5 {Changing to dark square away from bishop's eye.} Bc4 33. Kf2 Bb5 {Connecting a6 pawn and bishop for the knight to attack the a5 pawn.} 34. Rc2 Nc4 35. Ra2 {Timely rescue.} Kg6 {Reporting for duty, "Your Highness"...} 36. Kf3 Kf5 {This is when the king executes its role to assist pieces and pressure the a5 pawn via b4 square.} 37. g4+ Ke5 38. h3 g5 {Good move!! the h3 and g4 pawn seems vulnerable... bishop's watchful eye.} 39. Kf2 f5 40. gxf5 Kxf5 {Interesting endgame outcome here. What is the major plan for black here? EVALUATE THE POSITION.... think 5 minutes...} 41. Ra1 Ke5 42. h4 g4 {Of course. ..placing the pawn at the reach of black' bishop.} 43. Rc1 h5 {Very good!!} 44. Rd1 Nd6 45. Rc1 Bc4 46. Rb1 Nf5 47. Rb7 g3+ 48. Kg1 Nxh4 {Danger coming...} 49. Rh7 Be2 {Super Bishop!!!} 50. Rg7 {Black Resigned: Potential move for black here is Nf5 then h4. White can do nothing here. From beginning to end. GM Carlsen was not able to equalize the position. This is the way to beat the World Champ. New Ideas!!! Kudos to GM Vladislav Artemiev......Fantastic Game... .} 0-1