[Event "European Individual Chess Championship"] [Site "Batumi GEO"] [Date "2018.03.22"] [Round "6.8"] [White "Sanan Sjugirov"] [Black "David Arutinian"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "B12"] [WhiteElo "2652"] [BlackElo "2536"] [PlyCount "77"] [EventDate "2018.03.17"] 1. e4 c6 {The Caro-Kann defense: If you have not seen the game: GM Wesley So vs. GM Alireza Firouzja ( check previous blog/ACC1/ dated 15/11/2021).} 2. d4 d5 3. e5 {The Advanced variation.} Bf5 {It is the best place for the bishop instead of staying at c8. It's a developing move and controls diagonal b1 to h7.} 4. Nf3 e6 {Black's set-up is extra solid, similar to the French Defense pawn structure} 5. Be2 {Other white lines, the bishop goes to d3 to exchange the bishop at f5 but I prefer this 5. Be2 line to preserve the light bishop and utilize later.} Ne7 {The smooth coordination of black's pieces at kingside has one purpose: To disrupt white's kingside.} 6. O-O {But white says: "Who cares", I am ready..} h6 7. Nbd2 {This is what I like about white's piece movements, so calm and yet harmless...hmmm.} Nd7 8. Nb3 {Not really harmless.. it's what you call "Deadly Silence".} g5 {Now, black must not go easy but making sure each move has a purpose "expansionism" indeed.} 9. Bd2 {This 9. Bd2 move has 2 purposes: 1. Eyeing a5 square to support a pawn push and checking c1 to h6 diagonal of any unwanted black attacks.} Qc7 {This queen's attention is on e5 pawn where soon black will strike f7-f6. Let's see.} 10. Rc1 {GM Wesley So played this against GM Artemiev in a strategic fashion, check it on our previous chess blog (ACC1).} a5 11. a4 {White must block this pawn, but watch the bishop at d2.} Bg7 {Yes, black is ready to push f7-f6.} 12. c4 { White must make sure black can not castle at queenside.} O-O {Yes...indeed.} 13. Qe1 {Attacks the a5 pawn but this is just a diversionary tactic. The main idea is to weaken the c6 pawn.} dxc4 14. Rxc4 b6 {KINDLY WE STOP HERE: PLEASE HAVE 5 MINUTES TO ANALYZE THE POSITION. IF YOU PLAY WHITE, WHAT IS YOUR PLAN? THINK 5 MOVES AHEAD.} 15. h4 {Indeed, the minority attack with a follow-up. This weakens the kingside position.} g4 16. Nh2 {Hits again the g4 pawn, black must protect the pawn but will expose the black king later.} h5 17. f3 { This is automatic...} gxf3 18. Nxf3 {Of course, this knight has the option going g5.} Bg6 19. Ng5 {AGAIN: PLEASE ANALYZE THE POSITION. THIS IS THE CLIMAX OF THE POSITION OR THE MOST EXCITING PART. WHAT DO YOU FORESEE?} Qa7 {The queen has x-ray vision on a7 to g1. That is full of radiation...hmmm.} 20. Rc1 {Yes, rook is aware of black's next move b5.} Nf5 {This is going to explode, there is something going on here...something explosive.} 21. Rxc6 {Taking the c6 pawn I think is the right move whatever black is intending to do here.} b5 22. Bxb5 Bxe5 {Wow, tactics here, tactics everywhere...} ({If} 22... Nxe5 23. Ra6) 23. Rxf5 {Nice!!} Bxf5 24. Be3 Bg7 {White is quality down but heaps of play....} 25. d5 {Attacks the queen at a7} Qb8 26. dxe6 {I see white white is winning here...GM Sanan Sjugirov is such a visionary chessplayer. He can foresee more than 7 moves ahead. Well, I can do only 5, hmmm.} fxe6 27. Nd4 { Now here comes the combo attack...} Ne5 {Attacks the rook at c6 and knight heading to g4 intending Qh2 ch.} 28. Nxf5 Rxf5 ({If} 28... Ng4 29. Ne7+ Kh8 30. Ng6+ Kg8 31. Bf4 Qa7+ 32. Kh1 Nf2+ 33. Kh2 Ng4+ 34. Kh3) 29. Rb6 {Timely...} Qc8 30. Nxe6 {This game is full of tricks and tactics...really enjoyed it.} Bf6 31. Nd4 Bg7 32. Ne6 Bf6 33. Nd4 Bg7 {Black is seeking for move repetition.} 34. Qb1 {Now, this is as clear as crystal, the light squares expose the black king. } Rf6 35. Rxf6 Bxf6 36. Qe4 {There is so much substantial interjection of threats as white enjoys light square advantage even white is quality down, controls the game.} Ra7 37. Nc6 {Fantastic!!!!! This is sooo entertaining...} Nxc6 {Forced...} ({If} 37... Rc7 38. Nxe5 Rc1+ 39. Bxc1 Qxc1+ 40. Kh2 Qc7 41. Qg6+ Kh8 42. Qh6+ Kg8 43. Bc4+) ({If} 37... Re7 38. Nxe7+ Bxe7 39. Qxe5) 38. Qg6+ Rg7 39. Bc4+ 1-0