[Event "ACP ChessBase KO"] [Site "Playchess.com INT"] [Date "2020.07.25"] [Round "2.3"] [White "Jones, Gawain C B"] [Black "Amin, Bassem"] [Result "1-0"] [WhiteElo "2670"] [BlackElo "2686"] [PlyCount "87"] [EventDate "2020.??.??"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 ({By transposition:} 2. d4 exd4 3. Nf3 Nc6 4. Bc4) 2... Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. d4 exd4 5. e5 {If you are 'e5' player, it is a must to study this line because it is very tricky.} d5 6. Bb5 Ne4 7. Nxd4 Bd7 {We are following the normal lines...} 8. Bxc6 bxc6 9. O-O Bc5 10. f3 Ng5 11. Be3 {I think GM Gawain Jones is well prepared about this line from opening to endgame.} Bb6 12. f4 Ne4 {GM Mamedyarov played 12...Ne6 instead as shown in featured blog 1.} 13. Nd2 {Nice move to eliminate this annoying knight at e4.} Nxd2 14. Qxd2 c5 { Yes.. these pawns are controlling some squares at the center plus black's 2 bishops, white needs to be careful.} 15. Nf3 Bf5 {Black is enjoying the power of two bishops... If you play the white side... What would be your game plan?} 16. a4 {White is provoking a5 move. GM Jones must have planned to force black pawns to move forward, then shake it....(create weakness).} d4 17. Bf2 a5 { Yes... now the e-file can be a conduit for white's pressure using the rook at e1... possibly.} 18. h3 {Preventing Bg4 move..} Qd5 19. Rac1 {Anticipating black's Qc4 move.} Qc4 20. b3 Qb4 {Truly... if queens are exchanged, black will dictate the position due to two bishops' advantage.} 21. Qd1 O-O-O { Very empowering black moves with high prospects to win.} 22. Be1 Qa3 23. Nd2 { Wow.... such a reversal... I did not realize that black queen would land in an awkward position.} Qa2 24. Nc4 d3 {The ability of GM Gawain Jones to find breakthroughs is exceptional...here, white is advantageous.} 25. Qf3 { Fantastic.... checking on c6 square pressure the black king.} Kb8 26. Bxa5 { Indeed...its all white's game now....} Ba7 27. Qc6 Rd7 {LET US STOP HERE: ANALYZE THE POSITION: WHAT WOULD BE YOUR GAME PLAN IF YOU PLAY WHITE? 5 Minutes....} 28. Bd2 {The threat is Na5... so black needs the bishop at f5 to go to c8...} Rd4 29. Ra1 Qxc2 30. Rfc1 {The black queen is trapped....} Rxc4 31. Rxc2 Rxc2 {Still a difficult position.... the d3 pawn is dangerous...} 32. Ba5 {This is necessary due to white is not allowing the bishop at f5 to go to c8 then b7.. tactical threat at g2...} Rc8 {So the rook gets to c8 square, not the bishop at f5.} 33. Kh2 {There is a discovered check if black moves c4, so Kh2 is necessary.} Re2 {Wow... the threat of Be4 is obvious....} 34. Re1 Rc2 ({ If} 34... Be4 35. Qb5+ Bb7 36. Rxe2 dxe2 37. Qxe2) 35. Rd1 Re2 36. Qb5+ Ka8 37. Rxd3 {Yes.... this is the best way or only way...to prevent attacking the g2 pawn.} Bxd3 38. Qxd3 {Pretty much white is in control... it's just a matter of time the game is done.} Rf2 39. Qa6 Kb8 40. Kg3 Rb2 41. Qb5+ Ka8 42. Bc3 { Rook is trapped... there is no better square to go....} Rc2 43. Qd3 Ra2 44. Qb1 1-0