[Event "Tata Steel India blitz"] [Site "Kolkata"] [Date "2023.09.08"] [Round "4"] [White "Abdusattorov, Nodirbek"] [Black "Praggnanandhaa, Rameshbabu"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteElo "2716"] [BlackElo "2727"] [PlyCount "126"] [EventDate "2023.??.??"] [EventType "blitz"] {Bogo-Indian is a tricky yet solid opening for black. Most chessplayers who played the Bogo-Indian play the Nimzo-Indian too because it has almost similar purpose. Super GM Praggnanandhaa is one of the best Bogo-Indian so far successful in using this opening in super high level tournaments.} 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4+ {The Bogo-Indian Defense} 4. Bd2 Qe7 ({OTHER MOVES:} 4... Be7 5. Nc3 d5 6. cxd5 exd5 7. h3 O-O 8. Bf4 Bd6 9. Bxd6 Qxd6 10. e3 Bf5 11. Bd3 Bxd3 12. Qxd3) 5. g3 {Solid move for white to develop bishop at g2.} Bxd2+ 6. Qxd2 Nc6 7. Nc3 d5 8. Bg2 dxc4 {White allowed to take the pawn at c4, normally, white takes the pawn 8. cd5 but Super GM Nodirbek has other plans.} 9. O-O O-O 10. e3 Rb8 11. a4 a6 12. a5 b5 13. axb6 cxb6 14. Ne5 Nxe5 15. dxe5 Nd7 16. Qd4 b5 {Black was able to protect the pawn at c4, how will white find ways to break the pawn chain at queenside, or create a tactical play towards black's kingside.} 17. Ne4 Bb7 18. Nd6 Bxg2 19. Kxg2 Rb6 20. Rfd1 Rc6 {Black is sitting tightly in protecting the queenside pawn advantage.} 21. Nxb5 Nxe5 22. Qxe5 Rc5 23. Qd6 Qb7+ 24. Kg1 Rc6 25. Qd8 Qxb5 ({OTHER MOVES:} 25... axb5 26. Rd7 Ra6 27. Rad1 Qf3) 26. Qe7 Rcc8 27. Rd2 Rfe8 28. Qd6 a5 {Difficult game for black here, Super GM Pragg is a kind of player you can't just bluff with tricky moves. He plays World Champ Anatoly Karpov.} 29. Qd7 Qb4 {Of course...} 30. Ra4 Qb6 31. Rxc4 {Now, the pawn count is equal, how did black win here?} Rcd8 32. Qa4 g6 33. Rcc2 Kg7 34. h4 h5 35. Qe4 Qb5 36. Qf4 Rxd2 37. Rxd2 Rc8 38. Kh2 Rc4 {The position is equal, but nerves are getting in their system, how they are going to contain their emotions and to not fall with their own demons.} 39. Qf3 {Avoiding back rank pressure or mate.} Rc1 {This is critical position for white, there are loopholes which black must exploit.} 40. Qe4 Rc4 41. Qf3 Rc1 42. Qe4 Qf1 43. Qe5+ Kh7 44. Qe4 Qe1 45. Qf3 Kg7 46. Re2 Qd1 { Rook is pinned...really bad for white.} 47. e4 Rc2 48. Re3 Qxf3 49. Rxf3 Rxb2 { Pawn up for black but this is still drawable yet, because a pawn is not much a worry.} 50. Kg2 Rb4 51. e5 Rb5 52. Re3 a4 53. Ra3 Rb4 54. f4 {The g3 pawn becomes the weakest link, that is surely over for white if black captures the g3 pawn.} Kf8 55. Rc3 Rb8 56. Ra3 Rb2+ 57. Kf1 (57. Kh3 Rb4 58. Kg2 Ke7 { Black king slowly goes closer to help the rook at b4.}) 57... Rb3 58. Rxa4 Rxg3 59. Kf2 Rg4 60. Rb4 Rxh4 61. Kg2 Kg7 62. Kg3 Rg4+ 63. Kf3 g5 {Fantastic win by Super GM Praggnanandhaa. You can never relax playing him, he has imaginative mind and has complex understanding of ENDGAME POSITIONS. Congratulations Super GM Pragg!!!} 0-1