[Event "FIDE GP"] [Site "Dubai UAE"] [Date "2002.04.05"] [Round "3.1"] [White "Vassily Ivanchuk"] [Black "Teimour Radjabov"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "E98"] [WhiteElo "2717"] [BlackElo "2599"] [PlyCount "74"] [EventDate "2002.04.03"] 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Nf3 O-O {The King's Indian Defense} 6. Be2 e5 7. O-O Nc6 8. d5 Ne7 9. Ne1 {The idea behind this move is to support c5 push via Ne1 to Nd3. and watch the knight at f6 if goes to h5 to f4.} ({If} 9. b4 {This is the Bayonet Attack.}) 9... Nd7 {Typical black knight maneuver to occupy c5 square and to push pawn at f7 to f5 to pressure the e4 pawn as well.} 10. Nd3 f5 11. Bd2 Kh8 {Now, The sidestepping king provides the g8 square for the knight to manuever via g8 to f6 or for the rook to assist the pawn rolling towards white's kingside.} 12. Rc1 {White's aim must break the connection of c7 and d6 pawn by moves like b4 - c5 then cd6.} Nf6 13. f3 { This is to keep the pawn chain intact but badly congesting white's kingside position.} c5 {This move stops white's c5 push and resulting to white's position became tight.} 14. Rb1 f4 {Now, the series of kingside onslaught starts by the help of pawns, bishop at c8 and knight at f6.} 15. b4 b6 16. bxc5 bxc5 {Black is too solid, I can't even think ways to attack black.} 17. g4 { The move 17. g4 has pros and cons. It stops black's pawn attack but later...g4 will be the weakest link... lets find out...} g5 18. Kf2 Ng6 {These are creeping moves typical of King's Indian ways to build and destroy white's kingside. GM Kramnik does not want this to happen in his games. He wants to dictate the position by using The "Bayonet Attack".} 19. h3 h5 20. Qa4 Qe7 21. Ke1 {GM Ivanchuk can no longer stand the pressure, white king must run. Its time for black to invade the kingside.} Nh4 22. Rf2 hxg4 23. hxg4 Nxg4 { This is what I am talking about, the "CONS" of moving 17. g4.} 24. fxg4 f3 25. Bf1 Bxg4 {White is helpless here....} 26. Rh2 Bh5 {Another pawn wants to connect to f3...} 27. Kf2 {White king a bit confused where to hide...} Rf4 { This move comes from nowhere... I did not even expect this...} 28. Bh3 g4 29. Rg1 gxh3 30. Rxh3 Rg4 {I like that king at h8, the Royal King is sitting preety, maybe enjoying "Pina Colada" with cherry on top.. Sweet....} 31. Rxg4 Bxg4 {White can not stand the pressure, while the 4 pieces at queenside abandoned the white king.} 32. Rg3 Bd7 33. Qd1 Bf6 34. Qg1 Rf8 35. Nd1 Ng2 { Good Move!!!} 36. Qh2+ Bh4 {Looks like white did not expect this harmful move!!!} 37. Bg5 Qxg5 {White Resigned: What a game by GM Teimur Radjabov... its full of action, very entertaining!!!} 0-1